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Bianca De Leon - May 14 2020

Steamer Vs Iron 

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The traditional way of eliminating wrinkles from our clothes is by ironing them. But there is a new player in town that you should take a look at - hand steamers. They are game-changers in terms of the way one removes wrinkles from clothes and fabrics. This article compares the modern steamer to the traditional iron in various standards. Read below to find out more. 


et’s compare the way an average person would use the two. When you need to iron your clothes using a flat iron, you’d need more than just the flat iron. You’d also need an ironing board, a spray bottle for extra moisture, or at least any flat and clean surface on which you can lay your clothes. Using a flat iron involves so many things and takes up way too much time. It is something that you can’t just do while you are traveling.

Conversely, a garment steamer is much more convenient to use. You no longer need an elaborate setup to use it. All you need to do is to fill the portable steamer with water and then wait for it to be hot enough to generate steam. You can use a steamer wherever you are and whenever you want. 


Versatility is important because it gives you more value for your money. You wouldn’t want to spend on a specific gadget that you will not be able to use anywhere else. Such is the case for flat irons. A flat iron is generally for eliminating wrinkles, but its application is minimal. It works well with cotton or linen. You can also use it for sheets, pillow covers, and table linens. Its usage is minimal because you cannot use it on heat-sensitive fabrics like silk or synthetics. You also cannot use it on textured fabrics like wool, corduroy, or velvet. A flat iron is no match for thick fabrics.

On the other hand, a portable steamer covers more area than a flat iron. It is gentle enough to tend to sensitive fabrics without causing unintentional wrinkles or damages. Its portability makes it perfect for smoothing over everything else in your house, from curtains to tablecloths. The best clothes steamer

Steamer VS Iron Steam

Extra Features 

A flat iron is very straightforward. All it does is remove wrinkles from your clothes. It is excellent if you want that clean and crisp look. Flat ironing pairs well with fabrics that have structural integrity like stiff cotton shirts, linen dress pants, or pleated skirts. But its functions end there.

Everything that iron can do can be achieved by a garment steamer, plus more. There are so many more extra features that you can get from a handheld steamer which makes it the better choice. For instance, did you know that steamers have disinfecting properties? The heat from the steam is capable of killing numerous strains of bacteria on different surfaces and fabrics. You can use it to sanitize your sheets, pillowcases, curtains, and clothes. Cleanliness is very important for hygienic purposes.

Did you know that you can use a garment steamer to eliminate allergens? The disinfecting feature removes some of the most common allergens like dust, bacteria, dust mites, and unpleasant odor. You can also use it to freshen your clothes that are not suitable for dry cleaning or laundry.  


Safety is yet another important thing to consider when comparing the two. You wouldn’t want to end up with something that can burn your house down when left unattended. Fortunately, most garment steamers and irons are already built with a safety mechanism that automatically turns them off when not in use. This simple feature makes them safe for households.

You should also consider how safe these gadgets are when used on clothes. Studies reveal that intense heat from flat irons can damage the threads within your fabric. This will affect the longevity of your clothes. The gentler steam from garment steamers is more favorable if you want your clothes to last for a longer period of time. Since we all spend a lot of money on clothes, it is natural to want to make them last.

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, modern garment steamers win on all fronts. It is such a speedy and convenient way for you to look presentable by smoothing out your clothes. It is also advantageous because of its user-friendly construction. Anyone can use a garment steamer even without prior experience. The learning curve is not steep. A flat iron is not ideal for beginners because it requires so much mindfulness so that you won’t burn through your clothes. It is still a good option for achieving that crisp look but if you want something versatile, go for a good-quality garment steamer.

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