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John Cohen - April 22 2020

Product Launch - Handheld Clothes Steamer Dry Steam 7-in-1 By I-Steam

Ahandheld steam cleaner is a must-have in any household. It is a very effective way of eliminating wrinkles on your clothes, drapes, beddings, and many more. The reason why steamers are preferable over the traditional iron is because you no longer need an ironing board and an iron to remove the wrinkles in any fabric. A handheld steamer allows you to get started without any fuss.

Handheld Steamer

Product Description 

This is one of the best handheld steam cleaners you can find in the market. This steamer is the perfect solution for eliminating the most stubborn wrinkles on your clothes. The best thing about this is how easy it is to use. You do not have to wait for ages just for the water to heat up and for the steamer to generate steam. All this takes is sixty seconds in order to be functional. The tank can carry enough water so that you can also use this for ten minutes straight in order to smoothen even the most stubborn wrinkles in your fabric.

The great thing about this steamer is that it is gentle enough to cater to any type of fabric. It can tend to wool, cotton, linen, or whatever fabric your garment is made of. The steam can iron out any wrinkle without damaging your fabric. It is the better and gentler alternative than the normal iron because it won’t negatively affect your fabric.

Steamer For Clothes

Isteam - Product Descriptions

A Cleaning Steamer 

Did you know that this steamer does more than just ironing out wrinkles? You can also use its heat to disinfect certain areas so that you can clean them. The high temperature of two hundred and twelve degrees Fahrenheit will eliminate certain bacteria and microorganisms so that you will be left with a cleaner surface. The cleaning feature works on clothes as well as various surfaces like countertops. 

Steamer Germant
Clothes Steamer

New Technology of Steamers

Special Features 

This steamer comes with a safety mechanism to ensure that it will not overheat. The steamer automatically turns off when not in use for a long time. It also turns off when the water is running low so as to prevent the gadget from overheating

Steamer for Clothes
Clothes Steamer
Hand Steamer
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iSteam Clothes Steamer Handheld [Powerful Technology] Dry Steam 7-in-1


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