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Bianca De Leon - June 04 2020

Greener Fashion: How To Care For The Environment While Dressing Up 

Fashion will always be very intertwined in today’s society. However, the advent of fast fashion and online shopping has led to serious environmental repercussions - non-biodegradable fabrics from clothes immediately become waste after a few wears, clothes are replaced at such a fast rate, and they are all packaged in non-biodegradable plastic bags, and the transport of such products have a lot of carbon dioxide emissions that worsen the global warming situation. There is nothing wrong with subscribing to such trends, but there are little things that you can do to be more environmentally conscious and contribute to a green world.  

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Steam Instead Of Iron 

Wrinkled clothes are undesirable because you will look messy and unprofessional. To get those wrinkles out in a greener manner, try switching to steamers instead of a flat iron. A flat iron consumes so much more electricity, which then leads to more carbon dioxide emissions. The increased heat energy will also contribute to the global warming issue. You will also most likely purchase an ironing board to go with your iron, and that in itself is so much more wasteful.

A travel steamer requires less heat energy, so it is better for the environment. It also requires less energy to activate since it only heats up water to generate steam. Newer models like this are even manufactured with green technology and energy-saving features to conserve as much energy as possible. You can also use it on its own without the need for wasteful accessories like ironing boards. 

Make Your Clothes Last Longer 

If you are going to shop for new clothes, do so with the intention of making them last for a lifetime. That means properly taking care of your clothes when cleaning them or ironing them. Do not frequently wash your clothes because that can damage the fabric and shorten the lifespan of your clothes. That means you should wear your clothes as frequently as possible until you need to wash them. Use fabric softener and conditioner to strengthen the fabric. When eliminating wrinkles, it is so much better to use a handheld garment steamer instead of an iron. A travel steamer is gentler on the fabric, so it will cause less damage to the fabric. It is also softer on heat-sensitive clothes like satin, silk, and corduroy.

Keep the world Green! 


Thrifting is a great way to give new life to old clothes. It is a way of recycling clothes that allows you to get a new wardrobe without increasing the amount of waste you generate. There are so many thrift stores that you can visit, both online and offline. You can also check out online consignment stores like Thredup or The Real Reel for quality pieces at a much lower price. These are usually secondhand or pre-owned, so they cost less. Don’t worry because these stores check the quality of the clothing items and ensure that they are still fit to be used by another person. Some thrift stores also take vintage clothing and then alter them to adapt more modern silhouettes. You can find so many gems among these shops. The best part is they aren’t mass-produced anymore, so you can trust them to be unique and one-of-a-kind. 

Sustainable Brands 

More and more brands are coming out with sustainable clothing. Reformation uses ethical and sustainable methods in order to create chic fashion items for women. Each piece uses the least amount of water and electricity to create, which makes it friendlier towards the environment. Alternative Apparel uses organic cotton and other natural materials to create clothing. It is an excellent shop for basics like monochromatic shirts and tops. Tentree is another fashion brand that incorporates sustainable fabrics that are ethically sourced to create activewear. They also have a company mission to plant ten trees for every clothing purchase you make.

It is no secret that purchasing sustainable items isn’t the most affordable way to stock up your wardrobe. Since these pieces are not mass-produced and do not utilize mainstream machinery to manufacture, their prices are definitely going to hike up. The best you can do is to make sure to invest in classic and essential pieces that will last numerous seasons. For example, go for a plain shirt that may cost a lot but will be on-trend for years to come instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a floral dress whose silhouette might be out of style in just a season or two. Basic clothes can also be dressed up or down through jackets, layering, and accessorizing.

We’re running out of time to save Mother Nature. While it is impossible to live an utterly waste-free life, these baby steps can help in mitigating the harmful environmental effects so that we can restore a green world.  

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