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Bianca De Leon - June 07 2020

All About Modern Fashion 

Modern Fashion

Each generation has different styles and fashion trends. Fashion has always been a way for self-expression, and it continually changes throughout the years. That means that fashion today is vastly different from what it used to be. Here’s an overview of what fashion trends look like in the current century.

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In A Nutshell 

Clothing items are already so much more than just fabrics to cover our bodies with. They are deemed as ways to express yourself and to make your personality shine through. Modern fashion can be summed up as sleek and stylish. It is rooted in the idea that this generation is very concerned about economic progress. Formal office attire is now being incorporated into casual clothing. You’d notice women wearing oversized blazers over cropped tops and ordinary jeans. More modern pieces of clothing follow a structured and straightforward style -- bags with geometrical shapes, structured jackets, and wide-leg trousers.

Even the color palette is something that looks modern. Gone are the days of fun patterns and bright colors. More often than not, clothes adopt a neutral color palette like gray, black, and white. Wardrobe staples include white blouses, pencil skirts, and structured blazers. Another word you can use to describe this look is mature and grown-up. This trend is spearheaded by some of the biggest names in the world of fashion: Balenciaga, Ferragamo, and Calvin Klein. What used to be a traditionally strong trend is now acceptable as feminine.  

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Online Shopping 

Fashion also advanced, along with the advent of technology. The culture of online shopping paved the way for fashion. There are so many clothing brands that do not even have physical stores for the clothes that they sell. Malls are now websites, or Instagram feeds that display the array of choices. People no longer have the need to go out and buy the clothes in person since everything is already laid out online. The online presence also makes this more available to more people. Convenience led to the progression of fast fashion. 

Modern Fashion

Modern  Fashion 2020

Modern Fashion
Modern Fashion

2020 Modern Fashion

Online Shopping 

As the name suggests, this is literally fashion at a faster pace. It pertains to a quicker pace at which fashion progresses, from the production of the clothing production to the trends. The primary side effect of this trend is clothing is so much more readily available to the public. Trends are taken and mass-produced. The result is a significant decline in the quality of clothing produced in order to accommodate more people. 

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One of the most prevalent trends today is modern punk fashion. It carries the same general theme as traditional punk clothing style except that there is a modern twist to it. The primary elements involved in this fashion trend are dark colors and the presence of layers. You will also notice that the fashion trend covers everything, from head to toe. The headpieces usually include knit beanies with scarves. The beanie is usually where the pop of color appears while the rest of the outfit comes in a neutral and predominantly black color palette. The rest of the outfit is characterized by leather jackets, chunky knit sweaters, and skinny jeans that are often ripped. Shoes often include heeled boots or chunky sneakers. Modern punk fashion can also be identified through other accessories like band pins, brightly-colored hair, an unconventional hairstyle, Chuck Taylors, chains, metal studs, and many more.

You will also notice that fashion is recurrent throughout the years. Right now, we are witnessing the resurgence of vintage style. Current trends are very reminiscent of the nineties and early two thousand fashion. You can see printed silk scarves being used as tops, headbands, or even as bag accessories. Women are sporting silk dresses that are midi in length. Strappy sandals with low heels as well as kitten heels are back in style. Even the jeans are regressing into what was trendy years ago. Instead of skinny jeans, the trendier ones are mom jeans and flared jeans. The said jeans are often paired with chunky sneakers that are usually color white. Other accessories include vests, statement glasses, and extravagant purses. You can also notice the resurgence of tie-dye sets. 

Global Fashion Centers 

There are plenty of fashion capitals in the world that lead the trends. These cities are the hub for new fashion trends. They dictate what’s hot and what’s not in the coming seasons. They usually do this by hosting fashion weeks that feature the biggest names in the industry. Clothes will be crafted and showcased on the runways. The reaction of the public will gauge which clothing pieces are hot and which should be abandoned.

Some of the major cities involved in the fashion scene include Paris, London, New York, Milan, and Tokyo. These places are very influential in terms of dictating fashion trends. They are the birthplace of fashion at a globalized pace.  

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All About Modern Fashion

All About Modern Fashion

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